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We live in Southern California and the summer sun can get really intense. In our backyard is an area that is uncovered, which is fine for the majority of the year, but during the summer months, it becomes basically unusable during the bulk of the day. We determined that a large umbrella would give us the flexibility having coverage when we needed it, but wanted one that could stay as a permanent fixture in the yard when it wasn’t. We have other Abba Patio pieces and have been very happy with them, so decided on the Abba Patio 11 ft patio market umbrella with push button tilt and crank and it has worked out very well for our needs.

We were not financially compensated for this post and the sample were provided to us for review purposes. The opinions are completely our own based on our experience with the product.

There's really not much assembly required for this umbrella as it comes in two parts which you just screw together. The umbrella does require some kind of base to stand in, but I’ll get back to that later.

To open up the umbrella you just turn the crank until it's completely open. It doesn’t require muscle like some we have tried - very smooth motion and easy for anyone to do. If you want to change the angle the umbrella sits at, simply press the button on the tilt mechanism/hinge and tip it over as much as you'd like. The button also doesn’t require super strength to operate, which is a plus for us because my wife or the kids usually are the ones who want it moved around when I am not home.

As with our other Abba patio products, I am impressed with the quality of the fabric and how the pieces are built - solid and simple. The fabric is a neutral color, thick and sturdy, and blocks the sun very effectively. At the top of the umbrella there's an opening which allows wind to blow through, so that also makes it much less prone to being tipped over by a wind gust. The pole doesn’t feel like it’s going to buckle if a wind comes up - it’s substantial size for the weight and span of the umbrella. My wife’s favorite part - none of the other Abba Patio pieces we have are showing wear or fading from the sun, so they still look great! I’m sure this umbrella will stand the test of time as well.

If you're looking for a sturdy good quality umbrella that will last you at least through a few years of sun, I will highly recommend this umbrella.

Back to the base we were talking about before - this umbrella does not stand on its own and needs a base unless you are using it with a patio table with built in support. In our area we usually get really strong wind in the afternoon coming off the ocean, so we were looking for something really solid to hold it during those windy periods. We ordered two different bases. One that is made of recycled plastic and is 24 in wide. It feels very sturdy and solid once filled with water or sand. Filled with sand it will weigh about 50 lb and is a really sturdy base for the umbrella. This umbrella stand needed a little assembly, but there is not much to it. You basically attach the metal pipe that the umbrella will stand in to a metal plate under the stand by inserting a hex screw through the bottom and tighten. An adapter is included with the base that allows it to accommodate multiple sizes and widths of umbrella poles.

To compare and make sure we had the best possible set-up we also ordered a metal umbrella stand.
The metal umbrella stand is even easier to assemble than the plastic one. You essentially attach the correct metal sleeve to match the width of your umbrella to the stand with a screw from the bottom and then you are done.

The two tubes that comes with the stand is intended for use with 1 1/2 inch poles and 1 7/8 inch poles. Since this is a solid metal plate with a metal tube holding the umbrella, the plate is 53 pounds and sits directly on the ground, it is extremely solid. If you want to you can add additional weights on top of it to hold it down, but in our circumstances we think that this foot is more than heavy and solid enough to hold the umbrella without any additional weight being placed on it. It also has rollers on one side, so you can tip the whole structure to move it, but because of the weight, this isn’t something the kids would be able to do.

We decided in the end to use the solid metal plate umbrella holder with our new umbrella and we used the plastic one on a smaller umbrella we already had.


The Gist – Overall, I am VERY pleased with the Abba Patio Patio Market Umbrella and base. The setup of the new 11 ft Abba Patio umbrella along with the solid steel umbrella base worked out really good for us and it seems like all the parts are very well built and will last for a long time. We are really happy with it and would recommend it to anybody that needs a little shade in their backyard.

GistGear awards the Abba Patio Market Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank 6 (out of 6).

Last Updated on 6/26/2019

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